/Funeral services in Mysore
Funeral services in Mysore

Funeral services in Mysore

How to get Funeral services in Mysore?

Mysore being one of the largest cities in Karnataka lays 140 kms away from the state capital of Bangalore. With its population of over 9 lakhs Mysore experiences hundreds of deaths every day. To help cope with the loss of loved ones in Mysore we’ve started funeral services. Call VMEDO for funeral services 9343180000

Funerals are a sad affair but it’s something that we do to respects the one that passed away. Some cultures see funeral as a passing of one person from this life to next; some see it as a decent to heaven. Whatever it maybe, at the end it’s done to pay our respects and remember the life they lived.

What is involved in Funeral services ?

We provide complete end to end services during funerals, we understand it’s a tough time for everyone involved so we make sure you don’t have to worry about anything else.

Different types of funeral services in Mysore?

Funeral services are available only when you’re cremating the body. The two different funeral options are

Electric cremation service in Mysore

Electric cremations are a very economical way of funeral services; it’s quick and easy to book. Electric cremations needs to be booked earlier and carried out in specific cremation centers near to you.

If you want to book Electric cremation for funeral services in Mysore call our helpline: 9343180000

Wood Cremation services in Mysore

Wood cremations are also an option for funeral services in Mysore, there are some sects of Religions which specifies that cremations have to be done by burning wood.

If you want to book Wood cremation in Mysore call our helpline: 9343180000

How to get Funeral services in Mysore?

To get end to end funeral services in Mysore, please call our helpline 9343180000

Where to have funeral services in Mysore?

You can book slots near to your place and have the funeral as per your requirement, whether it’s electric or Wood cremation.

There are several cremation centers in Mysore, Click the link to know which centre is nearer to you.

Cost of Funeral services in Mysore

Type of cremationCost
Electric cremation in Mysore16,000 – 18,000 Rs.
Wood cremation in  Mysore32,000 to 35,000 Rs
  • Note*: The prices mentioned above are tentative. It changes depending on various factors.