/Ambulance Service in Bangalore

Ambulance Service in Bangalore

Being the best ambulance network in india, VMEDO provides Ambulance service in and around bangalore. VMEDO believes in providing high quality ambulance with the best network of ambulance service providers across india at affordable and low cost. One can book ambulance online in india through ambulance helpline number 9343 180000, ambulance app and VMEDO website. We provide high quality Ambulance Service in India at affordable/ Low cost. One can book Ambulance online in india through, Ambulance app and VMEDO website. Our Ambulance phone number, for Ambulance service in bangalore is 9343-18000. We provide Ambulance service in bangalore at very competitive cost. Get cost for Ambulance service in bangalore by calling our 24×7 Ambulance Number or through our ambulance app.

Advanced Life Support (ALS)

ALS ambulance is equipped with ventilator, ECG,
monitoring devices and paramedic staff.

Basic Life Support (BLS)

BLS is for the patients who need medical transportation & it contains patient bed, pulse oximetry and oxygen delivery devices.

Patient Transport Vehicle

PTV is a non emergency patient transport vehicle equipped with patient bed & other life-support devices.

Mortuary Ambulance Services

Mortuary ambulance services are mainly used
for the transportation of the dead body.

Air Ambulance Services

Air ambulances contain ventilators, defibrillators, infusion pumps, balloon pumps, oxygen cylinders, trained doctors, & nurses.

Train Ambulance

It is used for long distance transportation & it is fully equipped with Oxygen, Ventilator, ACLS Drugs IV supplies & Scoop stretchers.