/Ambulance Service in Mysore Bus Stand

Ambulance Service in Mysore Bus Stand

Mysuru is a city in the southern part of the state of Karnataka. The present population of Mysuru is 1,235,000. People travel to Mysuru from the nearest cities like Mandya, Srirangapatna, and Ramanagar majorly for tourism and their career or for medical treatments. You may ask, is there a need for Ambulance Service at Mysore Bus Stand? Guess what, there is a dire need.

Over the last few years, we have been seeing a lot of medical emergencies in our Mysuru. But is our city prepared to handle medical emergencies efficiently? Are there any good ambulance services in Mysuru? In the past 5 years, Mysuru lost more than 500 lives and this large number of deaths are caused due to delayed ambulances which indicates Mysore desperately needs an on-time ambulance service to overcome these situations that can help to make the difference between life and death.

Mysore, with such a huge native and migrant population, sees many medical emergencies which require patient transportation from Mysore to other cities like Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kochi, and in turn welcomes patients from other smaller cities in the vicinity. Since time plays a crucial role in saving a patient’s life, people prefer buses, trains, and flights for transporting patients from one place to another.  And Mysore is blessed to have a well-facilitated Bus Stand

To further transport the patient from the Bus Stand to the hospitals or to even transport the recovering patients to their homes, ambulances are a safe and quick mode of transport. One can book a VMEDO Ambulance from Mysore Bus Stand by calling their 24×7 helpline at 9343-18-0000

 When to book an Ambulance at Mysore Bus Stand?

  1. Patient Transportation at Mysore Bus Stand: Usually a non-emergency ambulance is used for patient transportation when there is a planned patient pickup and drop. One can book the nearest ambulance(road ambulance) from their home to the Bus Stand with one helpline number 9343-180000 and once they arrive at the destination they can also reserve an ambulance to transport them to their place.
VMEDO Ambulance at Mysore Railway Station
VMEDO Ambulance at Mysore Bus Stand
  1. Emergency Transportation at Mysore Bus Stand: An emergency can happen anywhere, anytime, and to anyone. It’s better to be prepared for an emergency before it’s too late. There will not be ambulance service facilities in any Bus Stands. In case, if there is a medical emergency you have to contact 108 ambulance service otherwise you can book an equipped ALS (Advanced Life Support) ambulance from VMEDO ambulance service( Ambulance Helpline Number – 9343-180000).
  1. Dead Body Transportation at Mysore Bus Stand: When your loved one dies, the whole world around you stops. You can contact VMEDO who can help in facing these kinds of situations. Contact 9343-180000 to book a mortuary ambulance/dead body ambulance with a freezer box for the transportation of a dead person at the Bus Stand.

Types of Ambulance Services at Mysore Bus Stand:

  1. Emergency Ambulance Service
  2. Non-emergency Ambulance Service
  3. Dead Body Transportation Service
  4. Mortuary Ambulance Service
  5. Dead Body Freezer Box/Coffin Box Service 

Cost for Ambulance Service at Mysore Bus Stand

Type of service0 to 50 km50-100 km100 to 200 km200km and above
Cost for ALS ambulance at the Mysore Bus StandRs.3,000-8,000Rs.8,000-12,000Rs.12,000-15,000Rs.15,000-18,000 per km
Cost for BLS ambulance at Mysore Bus StandRs.1,000-3500 Rs.4,000-5,000Rs.5,000-6,000Rs.13,000-14,000 per km
Cost for Mortuary ambulance at Mysore Bus StandRs.1,000-3,000Rs.4,000-5,000 Rs.5,000-6,000Rs.11,000-13,000 per km
Cost for Wheelchair ambulance at Mysore Bus StandRs.1,000-2,000Rs.3,0000-4,000Rs.4,000-5,000Rs.11,000-13,000 per km
Cost for Air ambulance at Mysore Bus Stand Rs.1 lakh to Rs.4 lakh Depending upon the distance and duration of fly
Cost for Air ambulance at Mysore Bus Stand Rs.1 lakh to Rs.4 lakh depending upon the distance and duration of fly
Cost for Dead body transportation by air at Mysore Bus Stand.Rs.25,000-30,000It depends on the availability of cargo and other formalities.
Cost for Freezer Box at Mysore Bus StandRs.25,000-40,000 per day It depends on the quality of the freezer box and the distance
Price chart for Ambulance service from Mysore Bus Stand

 Note: The above-mentioned cost is a rough estimation as, in April 2022, it might vary based on situation and location.

For more information on accessing Ambulances from Mysore Bus Stand, visit www.vmedo.com