Dead body transportation service in Mysore

Dead body transportation in mysore

If you are looking for a dead body transportation service in Mysore or to transport them outside the city then we are here to help you please contact VMEDO Helpline +91 9343180000

Mysuru is a city in the southern part of the state of Karnataka. Mysore is noted for its heritage structures including the Mysore Palace. The present population of Mysuru is 920,550 because people travel to Mysuru from the nearest cities like Mandya, Srirangapattana, and Ramanagar Majorly for tourism and their career or for medical treatments and reside here. 

Frequently asked questions about Dead body transportation in Mysore

When we lost our loved ones the world around us stops. To handle this situation we need to calm ourselves down and should think about the next step to be taken. The first step is to call the concerned person and inform them about the current situation. Plan where the dead body is to be taken or transported.

In these circumstances, you can connect to VMEDO – We are a healthcare company and use technology to assist people in all types of medical services on-demand at an affordable cost.

We provide professional and timely service helping you to get the nearest mortuary ambulance only if the death is declared by the doctor. 

To book the mortuary vehicle with us call VMEDO helpline number –9343180000 

Initial Step:

The most important procedure to be done in this case is doing a postmortem. We will arrange for the nearest hospital and get the postmortem done in the hospital mortuary. Then it will be informed to the nearest police station to get the postmortem report.

  1. Dead Body Transportation in Mysore by Road
  2. Dead Body Transportation in Mysore by Air
  1. Dead Body Transportation by Road in Mysore:

Once the death is declared by the doctor, VMEDO will help you to arrange all the required documents. If the dead body is to be transported around Mysuru or within 500-600km we prefer to transport the dead body by road. 

The body will be transported from Mysuru to another place in a freezer-fitted mortuary vehicle (Dead Body Vehicle with Freezer Box) to avoid body decomposition and will be done at an economical fare.

  1. Dead Body Transportation by Air in Mysore:

After arranging the basic documents, the dead body will be taken to the nearest domestic airport by VMEDO’s Ground ambulance (mortuary ambulance).

To avail of Dead body transportation by air in Mysore please contact 9343180000

Documents that should be ready to transport the dead body by flight from Mysuru

1. Death Certificate from the hospital
2. NOC from the Local Police.
3. Embalming Certificate
4. Coffin Box certificate
5. Photo and ID card (Original Passport / Driving License/ Aadhaar Card) issued by the respective Authority.
6. Contact details & address of the person who will receive the coffin at the destination.
7. No Objection certificate from the respective country’s consulate.

        Note: All these documents should be in English with at least 6 photocopies of the same.

VMEDO will help you in arranging these air cargo documents. After the cargo clearance, they will send the mortuary ambulance to the airport to move the dead body to the destination. All these complete procedures will be taken care of by VMEDO itself without any delay and will be done at the best price.

This is one of the cases that will make us dumb. If the person who died is not from Mysore, you need to decide where to bury the dead body, whether it should be buried at the place of death or his/her hometown.

If the dead body is to be buried at Mysuru itself, you can contact VMEDO. We will look after end to end procedure. If the dead body is to be buried in the hometown, VMEDO will arrange the mortuary vehicle or air cargo to transport the dead body depending upon the cost and distance and will take care of all the processes.

Funeral Service is a culture to remember and respect the dead person with various monuments, prayers, and rituals in honor.

Cremate a person at the place of death (Mysuru) or Cremate a person at his/her hometown.

  1. Electric Cremation at Mysuru ( Costs between Rs.14,000-Rs.18,000)
  2. Wood Burning Cremation at Mysuru ( Costs Rs.25,000)

When VMEDO gets a requirement for funeral service at Mysuru, we will check the Death certificate/other documents and search for the nearest cremation ground and do slot booking. Based on the cast we choose the priest and further procedures. If the dead person is a woman, we will check the marital status and complete the process accordingly.

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