Ambulance service in Mysore

Ambulance service in Mysore

Mysore officially Mysuru, is a city 145 km away from the capital city of Karnataka, Bangalore. Mysuru hosts an array of hospitals such as KR hospital, Columbia Asia, and Apollo BGS. Hospitals in Mysore get visitors from various regions such as Mandya, Hassan, and Coorg. For Ambulance Service in Mysore

While visiting the hospitals in Mysore, people require an ambulance service to travel in and out of the hospitals. VMEDO provides the majority of the ambulance service in Mysore that’s required.

Source: Karnataka.com

Ambulance Services we offer near Mysore

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Cost of Ambulance services in Mysore*

Type of ServiceCost
Cost of BLS Ambulance service in MysoreRs.15/km; Rs.2000 – driver bata,
Cost of BLS Ambulance service in Mysore with Oxygen SupportRs.15/km; Rs.2000 – driver bata; Rs.120/hr – oxygen
Cost of ALS Ambulance service in Mysore with VentilatorRs.20/km; Rs.2000 – Bata; Rs.3000 – Paramedic,
Cost of Mortuary ambulance with freezer box/icebox in MysoreRs.15/Km; Rs.2000 – Bata, Rs.2800 – Freezer box charges.
Cost of Air Ambulance service in MysoreRs.3 lakh-Rs.6 lakh 
Cost of Dead body transportation service in MysoreRs.20,000-Rs.30,000. Depending on the city you’re traveling to.
Service-wise price chart
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